The ancient port city of Caesarea Maritima, King Herod's great accomplishment of ancient architecture, sits on the Mediterranean coast of Israel between Tel Aviv and Haifa. 

Caesarea's modern settlement began in 1884 by a group of muslims from Bosnia who built a fishing village on the ancient fortress ruins, until a railway station was built bypassing the village and thus leaving them without means to a livelihood and the end of their sojourn.

Today, modern Caesarea lies nearby the ancient port city, with just over 4,200 people, and is the only locality in Israael managed by a private development corporation rather than a municipality. They market plots for development as well as manage Israel's largest golf course and club. It is now considered one of Israel's most upscale residential communities. The Baron de Rothschild still maintains a residence as do others. There is a large collection of South American Art at Caesarea's Ralli Museum.

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