Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city, a tourist resort (Diving, Reefs, Boating etc) and port, and it is home to about 50,000 people. Unusually, Eilat straddles a sea and an ocean as well as having borders to three countries. Eilat sits at the northern tip of the Red Sea, and on the arm of the Gulf of Aqaba  section of the Indian Ocean.

Moreover, Eilat is part of the Southern Negev Desert and at the south end of the Arava Desert Valley- while also straddling the southern end of the geographic line demarcating Africa from Asia. Even more international, the city is very close to the village of Taba in Egypt to the south, and to the port city of Aqaba in Jordan to the east.

Eilat's  has a partly dry desert climate because of the moderation afforded to it  by its proximity to a tropical sea. Summer air temperatures are often above 40 °C, while winter temperatures rest at about  22 °C. Water temperatures range between 22-28 °C. The city's beaches, nightlife and desert landscapes make it a popular destination for domestic and international tourism.


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