Negev Desert Bike Ride

Day 1:
Arrive in Tel Aviv. After arrival and assistance at the airport, you will be transported to Kibbutz Mashabei Sade to have dinner and stay overnight.

Day 2:
After breakfast, you will go for your bike fitting and start cycling along road 40 south to Sde Boker. We’ll start at an altitude of 372 meters above sea level and we will cycle about 16 km. On the way, we’ll stop at Hagai lookout, at an altitude of 536 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view of the entire North part of the Negev desert.
At Kibbutz Sde Boker we’ll visit Ben Gurion's hut. Ben Gurion was the first founder and first Prime Minister of the state of Israel who settled in the Negev. We’ll then continue for 4 km to Ben Gurion's tomb and stop at a lookout onto Nachal Zin (Zin stream). 
The Nahal Zin was the southern border of the land of Canaan that was promised to the Israelites.  Numbers (Bamidbar) 34:3-4 “Then your south quarter shall be from the wilderness of Zin along by the coast of Edom, and your south border shall be the outmost coast of the salt sea eastward: And your border shall turn from the south to the ascent of Akrabbim, and pass on to Zin:”
From there descend to Ein (spring) Avdat National Park. Here you will see a spectacular narrow canyon in the Negev. At the opening of the canyon the water of numerous springs descends into two deep pools in a series of waterfalls. From here we start a short trek. The trail continues along the riverbed, the canyon grows narrower and its walls are taller. A lone Atlantic Terebinth tree on the left from the trail is estimated to be 350 years old. After we pass this tree, we will see that the stream bed begins to carry water, and soon the trail reaches the most impressive point of the site. The two walls of the canyon close in, and from the height of 15 meters a stairway leading upwards is carved into the cliff some 100 meters before the waterfall. The trail continues further up, leading towards our overnight accommodation at Chan (Caravansarai) Hashayarot Bedouin tent. Upon arrival we will get the traditional Bedouin hospitality with welcome tea and coffee. We will have dinner here and spend the night.
Day 3:

After breakfast, we will take an hour camel ride near the Chan (caravansarai) which is located on the ancient spice route.  Later on, we’ll cycle off road in the desert, starting at altitude of 520 meters. First we’ll cycle back to the North entrance of Ein Avdat (7 km). From there we’ll cycle 9 km off road to Ein Akev. Here we can swim in a pool temperate year round at this beautiful oasis.  We will then have Lunch.
After lunch we’ll continue with a special 4x4 jeep to go deep into the Negev desert to Ein Shaviv and Ein Zik, another 2 oases in the desert. We’ll then travel back to chan Hashayarot for a wonderful Bedouin feast Dinner.

Day 4:
0ur cycling today will be along road 40. After we travel about 4 km, we’ll visit another section of Avdat National Park (625 meter alt). Here we will see ruins of an ancient Nabatean city on the spice route. The remains include two impressive Byzantine churches, a wine press, and many other interesting finds.
After the Avdat visit, we’ll continue cycling 22km to Mitzpe Ramon which is located on the edge of the Ramon Crater at an altitude of 892 meters. Here we’ll go to the visitor centre and have the option of rappelling (snapling) off the crater cliff. We can also relax at the Ramon Inn hotel's pool or cycle another 15 km along the crater’s edge to an Alpaca and Lama farm. We will have dinner and spend the night at Ramon Inn.

Day 5:
We will enjoy a Full day of cycling in the Ramon Crater. The Ramon Crater is the largest of the three Negev craters. It contains geological formations unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Together with a magnificent panorama, it presents a fascinating story of geomorphologic evolution.
We’ll Start with an 8 km ride on the road into the Crater before turning east to do some off roading in the crater to a Chan (caravansarai) and Ein Saharonim (spring) that are in the crator along the spice route.
We’ll continue along Nahal Ardon ( Ardon Stream) to see the special geological "Ardon Dike". Then we will travel along the Ancient Roman road inside the crater. After this, we will be transported to Shachrut Nabatean chan (1.5 hours) for an overnight stay. Here we will be 710 meters above sea level with beautiful views of the Arava Valley and Edom Mountain in Jordan.
Day 6:

Our last cycling day will begin we will ride along the roads 60km via Ovda Valley which is at 468 meters above sea level. After we pass through Ovda, we’ll enter the Eilat Mountains with the dramatic black color of the Granite rock. This will be a beautiful contrast with the blue of the red sea and with the Red mountains of Jordan to the east. The Highest point is at Mount Hizkiahu at 838 meters above sea level. We will stop at a beautiful lookout onto the entire area. After this we will descend to Eilat on the Red Sea and go to our hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 7:
Free day to relax in Eilat. Some Eilat Attractions include the Dolphin Reef, Scuba diving, snorkeling, glass-bottomed boat that travels along the reef, Jeep tours in the Eilat mountains, and more. Inquire within.

Day 8:
We will transport you to Eilat Airport for your return flight home via Tel Aviv Airport. 


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