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You will arrive at the Ben Gurion  airport ,  where you will be met and assisted by our representative. We will then continue to Jerusalem where we'll have dinner and stay overnight.
We'll begin with a panoramic view of Jerusalem to see the Holy City “El Quds” from the Mount of Olives- Jabel  Zeitun. We'll visit the Hulda Tomb and the Tomb of the prophets. We'll enter the walls of the Old City and ascend to the Temple Mount (El Haram El Sharif) and pray at the famous Mosque El Aksa and the Dome of the Rock, also known as the Mosque of Omar, built around “qubbat es Sahra”.  After a visit to the Islamic Museum, we'll proceed through the bazaar to Qunisat El –Quama (the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) for the Ziara of Nabi Esa. After lunch we'll visit the Nebi Samuel Mosque, the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed. We will have dinner and stay overnight in Jerusalem.

We'll drive to Arich(Jericho), the oldest city in the world, visit Khirbeit al Mafijar(Hisham’s Palac), remains of the winter palace built by Umayyad Caliph Hisham, and the spring “Ein es Sultan”. After lunch we'll drive to the Dead Sea (the Sea of Lot), the lowest point on earth, enjoy the scenery as we drive along the shores of the Dead Sea. We'll Visit the Ein Gedi Spa and swim in the Dead Sea. Then we'll drive to Nabi Moussa Khan, where according to the Arab legend Moses is buried. Continue to Jerusalem, “El Quds”, where we'll have dinner and stay overnight.

We will travel via the Pools of Solomon to El-Khalil (Hebron) L’ziyara of El-Khalil-El Rahman Nebi Ibrahim, Nebi Jaacoub, Nebi Issaaq, Nebi Youssuf and their wives Mulatna Sara, Mulatna Lea, Mulatna Rifkah. We'll also travel to Bethlehem to see the church of Nativity, the site of the birth of Nebi Esa. We then will continue to Rachels’ Tomb for Ziyara of Multna Raahil, wife of Nebi Jaacoub and mother of Nebi Youssuf.  We'll return to El Quds to visit the Tomb of Nebi Daoud on Mount Zion. We will also see the Room where Nebi Esa had his Last Supper with his Disciples . We will have dinner and stay overnight in Jerusalem.

We will leave Jerusalem and drive along the Jordan valley and the sea of Galilee to kfar Hittin (The Horns of Hittin) , which recalls the defeat of the Crusaders by Salach El Din’s (Saladin’s) Army in 1182.  We'll continue to Akka (Akko), to visit the Citadel, built during the Ottoman Empire by El Jasaar in 1781, and the Masjed El Jazaar, in the courtyard at the Sarcofagi of Jazaar Pasha Ahmed and his successor Suleiman. After a visit to the Old city and Khan El Umdan, we'll proceed to Haifa, Israel’s main port, to visit the cave of the Prophet Elija. We'll continue along  Mount Carmel via the Druze villages of Daliat El Karmel and Isfiah for a view of the Jizreel Valley ,where the famous battle between the Egyptian army and the Mamelukes  under Sultan Baybar took place in 1260. We'll continue to Tel-aviv, Israel’s financial capital for overnight stay. We can offer an optional visit to the Old City of Jaffa , to visit the picturesque artists' quarter and night clubs.

DAY 6 – Departure
We can take you to the airport, or to one of our border crossings for continued travel.

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