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 Can we combine a trip in Israel with a ski experience?

To the western shore of the Mediterranean Sea, just in the middle of the Middle East, lies one of the premier, most beautiful and most unique touristic locations in the whole world – The Holy Lane, Israel. Through its rich history and considering the countless words said and written about is in the news channels, Israel remains one of the most popular tourism locations in the world, with millions of travelers seeking different goals traveling to it every single year. One of the questions most asked about Israel is whether it is possible to combine a quality ski experience within a trip through the Holy Land. The answer to this question if a resounding 'Yes'.

Ski in Israel – where and when it is possible?

Israel is better known, and rightfully so, for its blazing hot sun and yellow-white beaches than for its snowy mountaintops. However, one location in Israel is well known for its ski packages in the winter season, and this location is called the Hermon Mountain. The Hermon Mountain, just by the Israel-Syrian border, covers itself with quality, ski appropriate snow every single winter. Considering how warm Israel usually is, and how rare it is for Israelis to feel snow and experience ski, The Hermon Mountain is a highly popular touristic location even for Israelis during the winter season. However, for those of us who love ski and want to enjoy quality ski time in their winter travel through Israel, the Hermon remains the only quality possibility.

Combine ski packages with a rich and interesting trip through Israel's north region

Unlike many other ski resorts around the world, the Hermon is not remote and distant from the Israeli mainland and a trip to the Hermon is very easy to plan within a trip through Israel's north. This way, a ski weekend in the Hermon can be continued by a historical trip to Tiberias and the Galilee Sea, and even further south to Jerusalem, the Jorden River and the Dead Sea.

Ski in Israel – a special, fun and recommended trip

As previously explained, the possibility of ski in Israel is very much real and most recommended. If we plan it carefully and use some professional help in planning and booking our travel through Israel and the Hermon, we can ski as a fun and relaxing part of our Holy Land experience.

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