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 Who of us doesn’t enjoy a good cruise?

Travel by sea is the favorite way of travel for many of us. There is just something about the sea that makes us calm and makes our vacation a unique and high quality experience. All of the above is twice as right when we talk about cruise ships – luxury, highly equipped ships of the highest quality, that give every single tourist the best expreince one can have in a sailing. When we talk about cruising and sailing in the Middle East, the best option we have is the sunny shores of the Holy Land – Israel.

Where can we board a cruise ship in Israel?

As most of you probably know, Israel is a rather small country located in the center of the Middle East, to the western shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel has some major ports and harbors from which a cruise ship can sail to a lovely travel, including Haifa, Ashdod, Acre and Jaffa. The cruises leaving from Ashdod and Haifa vary in length and destination, with some going as far as Cyprus, Greece or even Italy, and other sail a short distance in international waters before returning to one of Israel's beautiful harbors. The harbor cities themselves – Haifa, Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Acre specifically, also are a unique destinations for a tourist to experience. However, a trip to Israel for the Christian tourist usually centers on other traditional destinations, like Jerusalem and Nazareth.

Can we add a cruise to the holy places trip already planned in Israel?

Haifa and Ashdod, the main cruise harbors in Israel, bring us to a good short distance from the holy places we want and plan to visit. Haifa is a short 30 minutes' drive from Nazareth, and both Haifa and Ashdod are located in a 50 minute driving distance from Jerusalem. Many trips and guided tours leave from Haifa and Ashdod with their target being Nazareth or Jerusalem, and all we need to do is to search and find the trip most fitting to us.

Plan your Israel experience with the best tools possible

Planning a trip through Israel is no easy missions. The small country has countless touristic destinations, and to combine the holy places with the modern possibilities and cruises is a task most fitting for a professional. That is why, when we plan our trip through Israel, we need to look for a quality tourism company to help us plan the perfect vacation through the Holy Land.

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